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Soul Wandering

Soul Wandering is a gift to oneself where we take time out of our regular life to go both within and without by simply being in nature and fasting for one full day, then returning to share our story and drawing wisdom from the experience.
Soul Wandering in an introductory, mini vision quest that encourages participants to find their own truth and authenticate their own experience. This is not meant to be a challenge against the elements but rather an exercise of balanced relationship with Mother EarthThe Soul Wanderer's purpose is to stay connected with both the beauty reflected by nature and the focus of their set intention through honest self-examination and interpretation. This process can be undertaken to seek definitive answers to individual questions or as an integral part of the ongoing process of self-discovery.

Day 1 (Severance) preparation

You prepare the afternoon/evening before with a safety orientation, Seeking Consensus activities, packing the supplies you might need for your day's journey, a healthy dinner and a ceremony to help you set your intention. Although it is tempting to stay up all night sharing your excitement about the journey ahead with other wanderers, getting a good night's rest is essential to being ready for the day ahead; important dreams may arise that will aid you on your quest.

Day 2 (Threshold) spending sacred time in nature with a day fast

You begin and end (the thresholds) your Soul Wandering with personal sacred ceremony which focuses attention to your intention and conveys your gratitude for your safe keeping and the gifts you will be receiving. You will begin your wandering at sunrise. Incorporating the Seeking Consensus practices, you will wander intuitively throughout the day staying aware of your surroundings and the sense of being "drawn" to anything or in any direction. Sign and symbols will reveal themselves to you which reflect you and your journey. These may show up in the form of friends and loved ones who call to you as you wander. Take note of these special visitors as they are often spirit guides, teachers or helpers on your journey. Bring back physical items only if you have gain consensus. You are asked to fast during this period. Accommodations can be made for those who can not fast for medical reasons. 

You will return to the camp at sunset and celebrate your journey with a feast. You will then return to your tents to process and record in your journal. 

Day 3 (Incorporation) return to a feast and story telling

The next morning you will be provided breakfast then join others at the council where you will tell the story of your wandering and be assisted in the process of recognizing the gifts you have received, so that you may find and embrace your own truth. A light lunch will be provided before breaking camp.

Walk away feeling

    • reconnected to nature which you are a part of
    • awakened to your inner self and purpose
    • grounded and ready for the next step in your journey
    • whole and ready to share your gifts
    • trustful of and excited about the unknown path that lie before you

Supply list:

Special needs, items for ceremony, appropriate clothing, good hiking shoes, sunscreen, rimmed hat, day pack


$325 ($75 non-refundable deposit)  Balance due 2 weeks prior to start date.    

Includes 2 dinners, 1 breakfast and 1 lunch, water, basic camping equipment.

See calendar for location, date and times.