We all have a driving desire to live life to our fullest potential. We've read the self help books, tried the latest diets, made a few strides along the way and yet, things just aren't quite what we imagined. Something is still missing.

As an ecospiritualist, I have found that missing something is the divine intelligence we experience through nature. As we go through our everyday lives, on average we spend only about 5% of our time outdoors and most of that is while transitioning from one climate controlled box to another.

When we are stressed or exhausted we dream of going on vacation, spending time at the beach or heading up to the mountains. But this, for most, only happens once every few years if we are lucky. In the words of entrepreneur, author and public speaker Seth Godin, "Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from".

This is the goal of Eco-evolve. To help people obtain their goals through eco-based life coaching and workshops for personal growth and health and wellness, by helping them to reconnect with the natural divine intelligence we have within and around us. Simply put, the answers are already within you.

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